Standards Development

​Work on updating IEC 61508 is complete; Edition 2 is now available and may be purchased from BSI

Functional Safety Standards Development

International functional safety standards are under continuous development and maintenance and are revised periodically. The 61508 Association is a member of the BSI subcommittee GEL/65/1 and contributes to the revisions of many of these standards.

BSI Sub-Committee GEL/65/1

Terms of reference:

Under the direction of GEL/65 to:

1. Prepare, revise or amend British standards relating to the operation of systems considered as a whole and for the compatibility of main elements of the systems, including interface characteristics, programmable control systems for industrial-processes, evaluation of systems and safe software.

2. Prepare, revise or amend British standards establishing terms and definitions related to systems, elements and their functions.

3. To participate in any corresponding international work and advise the British Electrotechnical Committee on such work.

GEL/65/1 shadows IEC SC 65A whose scope is:

To prepare standards regarding the generic aspects of systems used in industrial-process measurement and control: operational conditions (including EMC), methodology for the assessment of systems, functional safety, etc.

IEC SC 65A also has a Safety Pilot Function for:

Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic systems (which would encompass safety-related software). The Secretariat of IEC SC 65A is currently held by the UK.

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