CASS Assessors

Registration Scheme for Functional Safety Assessors

The CASS Registered Functional Safety Assessor scheme is a registration scheme for experienced functional safety assessors who use the CASS methodology. A candidate for the scheme requires a referee and proposer to vouch for their competence. Registration is based on a peer review of the assessors's knowledge and experience in their claimed scope and is not a personnel competence certification scheme.

How the CASS Registered Functional Safety Assessor scheme works:

  • Candidates provide evidence of their assessor competence in their particular scope which is evaluated by a panel of other qualified practitioners.
  • CASS maintains and publishes a register of functional safety assessors (RFSAs) who have met the registration requirements.
  • RFSAs are permitted to use the 'CASS Mark' (which includes their personal ID) on their assessment reports.
  • The CASS Scheme Association does not view or accept responsibility for any assessment report.
  • Registration is optional - the existing use of CASS is unchanged (i.e. without the 'CASS Mark').

Link to scheme manual: CASS RFSA Scheme Manual

The CASS Register Functional Safety Assessor scheme uses a model to consider five layers of an applicants knowledge and experience. The scheme manual defines requirements for the application and evaluation process. The applicant will require a proposer and a referee. The five layers are:

  • Layer 1 - Basic academic and professional qualifications
  • Layer 2 - Structured / formal Functional Safety (FS) training and self-learning
  • Layer 3 - FS practitioner experience (specificed scope)
  • Layer 4 - FS assessor experience (specified scope)
  • Layer 5 - Knowledge of CASS methodology

Link to application form: CASS RFSA Application Form

Liability Disclaimer

The 61508 Association accepts no liability for any loss or harm caused as a result of reliance on any assessment related document that bears the CASS mark. This scheme is owned and operated by the CASS Association and this web-page is simply a display of information provided by the CASS Association.

List of registered assessors:

Dil Wetherill (RFSA ID: 21001)

Company Method Functional Safety Ltd  Contact 
Valid from 04‐Jan‐2021  Valid to 03‐Jan‐2024 
Sector Process  Status VALID 
Assessment scope IEC 61511‐1:2016 all lifecycle phases and FSA stages; IEC 61508‐1:2010 all clauses of part 1 

Colin Easton (RFSA ID: 21002)

Company ProSalus Ltd.  Contact 
Valid from 14-Apr-2021  Valid to 13-Apr-2024 
Sector Process, Machinery  Status VALID 
Assessment scope IEC 61511-1:2016, all lifecycle phases and FSA stages; IEC 61508-1:2010, all clauses of part 1; IEC 61508-2:2010, all clauses of part 2; IEC 61508-3:2010, LVL only. 





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