How can I join the 61508 Association?

​Membership of the Association is open to companies or organisations engaged in any aspect of safety-related systems and which support the aims of the Association – to realise the commercial benefits of the implementation of IEC 61508 (and / or related standards) and to promote the demonstration of compliance using an open, transparent and consistent method.

Members of all functional safety competence levels are welcome. The Association believes in the promotion of learning and mutual support as much as it does for the promotion of functional safety compliance. The company or organisation is the Association member, each member is encouraged to list more than one representative, and more than one representative can attend each general meeting (see the Association rules for details). This enables membership to dovetail nicely with your competence management approach. 

If you are interested, but want to find out more before making the commitment, you are welcome to come along to one of our meetings as a guest. Contact us to discuss what the Association can do for you – and as importantly – what you can do for the Association (the annual membership subscription is also detailed in our rules).

When you decide to join you will be asked to provide some basic information about your company and your involvement with safety-related systems by completing the membership application form. The information will be reviewed by the management committee. You will be asked to make a brief (c. 10 minutes) presentation to a General Meeting of the Association on your company’s application. Provided that there are no objections, your application will be accepted. You will be invoiced for the subscription, upon payment of which your company will become a full member of the Association.

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Membership Annual Fees

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