Benefits of Membership

Our members are a mix of roles, responsibilities and competencies but collectively we have identified some main member benefits.

Summary of benefits for members of the Association:

  • Sense of functional safety community and associated support.
  • Opportunity for functional safety biased networking with members and observers.
  • Opportunity to discuss and debate with like-minded functional safety practitioners.
  • Opportunity to understand current trends, opportunities, challenges and solutions in functional safety.
  • Access to interesting functional safety presentations from members and selected guests.
  • Ability to influence industrial functional safety guidance (via working groups).
  • Ability to influence functional safety standards development.
  • Mechansim for staying abreast of industrial functional safety and associated topics.
  • Mechanism for widening / developing your functional safety awareness.
  • Mechanism to demonstrate functional safety continuous personal development (CPD) to relevant stakeholders (e.g., UKAS, HSE).

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