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Linking a machine to a process - 61508
What are the issues involved? The following Technical guide offers advice.
Cyber security and IEC 61508 - First Concepts
​Cyber security is an essential part of life today. There are so many attacks on systems such as Banks and Government organisations where confidential information is stolen. It is tempting to say, if they cannot protect themselves what chance do we s
Legacy Systems and IEC61508
Many safety related systems were installed before IEC 61508 came into use around 2000. While these systems may be providing adequate protection, the advent of IEC 61508 provides the opportunity to look anew at the hazards, the technolgy in use in the
Functional Safety Assessments to IEC61508 and IEC61511
A Functional Safety Assessment is defined in IEC61511 clause as: A procedure shall be defined and executed for a functional safety assessment insuch a way that a judgement can be made as to the functional safety and safety integrity achieve
Functional Safety Roles and Responsibilities
Functional Safety Roles and Responsibilities for ​End Users and Engineering Contractors
Proven in Use - The 61508 Association
In a SIL rated safety loop there are occasions when it is thought desirable to use an instrument or a component well known to the user that has not been assessed under the IEC61508 group of standards e.g. by an FMEDA*. The Functional Safety standards
Functional Safety Management for work at Murco Petroleum
​BS EN 61508 and BS EN 61511 Standards Demonstrating Functional Safety Management for work at Murco Petroleum
Advice and Assistance on Functional Safety Management
Need help with the Functional Safety Management Declaration ? Any of the companies below can give you assistance
Functional Safety Management
​Whether you are working to IEC61511 on a process industry application or simply using BS EN 61508, the master standard for safety instrumented systems, Functional Safety Management is a basic requirement of the standard. It is required in IEC61508 p
IEC 61508 Developing Standards
The 61508 Association is a member of BSI committee GEL/65/1 in order that our members can influence the development of IEC 61508 and related standards. The Association is in a good position to identify aspects of the standards which are causing diffi
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