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Functional Safety Assessments to IEC61508 and IEC61511
A Functional Safety Assessment is defined in IEC61511 clause as: A procedure shall be defined and executed for a functional safety assessment insuch a way that a judgement can be made as to the functional safety and safety integrity achieve
Functional Safety Roles and Responsibilities
Functional Safety Roles and Responsibilities for ​End Users and Engineering Contractors
Proven in Use - The 61508 Association
In a SIL rated safety loop there are occasions when it is thought desirable to use an instrument or a component well known to the user that has not been assessed under the IEC61508 group of standards e.g. by an FMEDA*. The Functional Safety standards
Functional Safety Management for work at Murco Petroleum
​BS EN 61508 and BS EN 61511 Standards Demonstrating Functional Safety Management for work at Murco Petroleum
Advice and Assistance on Functional Safety Management
Need help with the Functional Safety Management Declaration ? Any of the companies below can give you assistance
Functional Safety Management
​Whether you are working to IEC61511 on a process industry application or simply using BS EN 61508, the master standard for safety instrumented systems, Functional Safety Management is a basic requirement of the standard. It is required in IEC61508 p
IEC 61508 Developing Standards
The 61508 Association is a member of BSI committee GEL/65/1 in order that our members can influence the development of IEC 61508 and related standards. The Association is in a good position to identify aspects of the standards which are causing diffi
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