The 61508 Association Rules

Edition 6: 12 July 2013


The purpose of the Association is to serve the interests of the members through promoting the proper use of IEC 61508 and related standards and helping them to fulfill their functional safety responsibilities in the most cost-effective manner.


2.1    Membership is open to all companies committed to the purpose of the Association.

2.2    A company shall be accepted into membership after its application has received the votes of at least two thirds of the existing members and it has paid the subscription agreed under 6.1.

2.3    A company may resign from membership on giving due notice and paying any outstanding monies due.

2.4    A company’s membership shall be terminated if:

a) it fails to pay the subscription; or

b) at least two thirds of the existing members vote for termination.


2.1.1 Members retiring from gainful employment who wish to remain members of the association may request of the association chairman that they be classified as Honorary Members. It will in the chairman’s gift to agree or not.

2.1.2 As such they will pay no subscriptions. This will ensure that the association continues to benefit from the experience and wisdom of mature members of our profession. Honorary members will enjoy the following privileges:

a) to attend association meetings as non-voting members

b) to participate in the working groups

d) to receive association papers

Honorary members will not use any of the information gained as a result of their membership to commercial advantage.


3.1    The Association Chair shall be elected annually by the members and shall serve for a term not exceeding four years. On completion of his/her term of office, the Chair shall take the post of Past Chair until his/her successor as Chair completes their term of office. The Treasurer shall be elected annually and may stand for re-election without limitation so as to provide continuity.

3.2    The responsibilities of the Chair shall be:

a) to chair general Association and management committee meetings;

b)  to manage the implementation of the policies adopted by the general meetings;

c)  to call general or management committee meetings; and

d)  to represent the Association in dealings with outside bodies as necessary.

3.3   The responsibilities of the Treasurer shall be:

a) to prepare a budget and to present it for agreement by the management committee for ratification at general meeting;

b) to ensure that proper books of account are kept;

c) to present a statement of account to general meetings.

3.4 The responsibilities of the Past Chair shall be:

a) to provide continuity by helping the new Chair to take up the responsibilities of office;

b) to undertake such duties as the management committee may assign.



4.1    The Association shall be controlled by the members in general meeting.

4.2    The Association may appoint committees and working groups to undertake defined tasks on its behalf.

4.3a The policy of the Association shall be determined by the members in general meeting. The implementation of the policy shall be delegated to a management committee (however named). The management committee shall comprise the Association Chair, Past Chair and Treasurer and a representative of each of the working groups set up by the general meetings, with the Coordinator in attendance.

4.3b           The leader of each working group shall be named, “convenor”.

4.3.c           The convenor shall serve on the management committee until the work of his group is finished and a new working group convenor takes his place on the management committee. If there is no immediate new convenor then he shall continue to represent the membership until such time as a new convenor joins the management committee or the management committee directs otherwise.

4.4    Working groups shall be set up by the general meetings of members and shall be responsible to the general meetings of members for the completion of their allotted tasks. Membership of working groups shall be open to any member committed to helping with the tasks. Each group shall appoint its own Chair.

4.5    Three general meetings of members shall be held annually. Attendance shall be limited to one representative per member company and to observers invited under 4.8, with additional representatives and guests being admitted at the discretion of the management committee according to the limitations of the venue.

4.6    The Association may employ the services of companies or individuals to deliver defined services.

4.7    Administrative support shall be provided by a Coordinator working within an approved budget. The management committee shall be responsible for engaging, managing the work of, and arranging the remuneration of the Coordinator.

4.8    The Association may invite observers and guests to attend meetings.

4.9    The convenor of a working group shall be selected by one of the following methods (in order of preference:

  • By volunteering
  • By agreement with the other members of the working group
  • By decision of the management committee.


5.1    Members shall participate actively in the work of the Association by contributing to the work of at least one of the Association’s working groups.

5.2    Members shall undertake:

a)      To recognise IEC 61508 and related standards as the benchmark for achieving functional safety and managing risks in a proportionate way;

b)     When applying IEC 61508 and related standards, to do so properly in all respects relating to their role in the safety life cycle;

c)      To demonstrate compliance with IEC 61508 and related standards by using a method that has integrity, transparency and consistency.

5.3    The members shall be responsible collectively for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Association.

5.4    Each member shall be responsible for fulfilling its obligations to the Association and acting to achieve the purpose of the Association.



6.1 The members shall share the costs of the Association on a basis to be agreed between them.

6.2 Members shall bear their own costs of attending meetings of the Association.

6.3 Provided that working group sizes do not become excessive, members shall take it in turns to host meetings including refreshments. For general meetings, larger members may be asked to host meetings or a venue may be hired and paid for by the Association.

6.4 The cost of providing the coordinator function shall be shared by all members. The costs will include fees for the time spent on the Association’s business and expenses reasonably incurred. Other costs will include, for example, web hosting, advertising and similar items. Control of administrative and other costs within the budget agreed by the members shall be the responsibility of the management committee.

6.5 The Association may open and maintain bank accounts in the name of the Association. The bank account(s) shall be managed by the Coordinator under the supervision of the Treasurer. Withdrawals shall require the signature of any two of four signatories appointed from time to time by the members of the Association. The Association may hold funds on behalf of another organisation and shall handle the funds on the basis agreed with the other organisation.


7. Changes to Rules

7.1 Changes to these Rules shall require the vote of at least two thirds of the members.

8. Dissolution

8.1 The Association shall be dissolved on the vote of at least two thirds of the members.

8.2 On dissolution, any remaining balance in the Association’s account shall be shared between the members on the same basis as currently agreed for the sharing of costs under 6.1.

9. Voting

9.1 Following a vote on any subject taken at a General Meeting, if the necessary 2/3 majority is not achieved then those who have not voted because they were not able to attend the meeting will be polled by Email.

9.2 Any vote not returned within 18 days of the date of the Email referred to in rule 9.1 will be recorded as a proxy vote by the chairman.

9.3 Following an “Email vote“ on any subject that was not preceded by a show of hands at a general meeting then, if the necessary 2/3 votes have not been received within 18 days of sending the original Email voting request, the chairman will cast the members proxy vote.

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