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Promoting the proper use of IEC 61508 and related standards

‚ÄčThe 61508 Association serves the interests of the members by helping them to fulfill their functional safety responsibilities.

We are a cross-industry group of organizations with an interest in achieving a dependable and cost-effective method for demonstrating compliance with IEC 61508 and related standards.

Members recognise IEC 61508 and related standards as the benchmark for achieving functional safety and managing risks in a proportionate way. When we apply IEC 61508 and related standards we do so properly in all respects relating our their role in the safety life cycle using a method which has integrity, transparency and consistency.

The Association pursues its aim through meetings with influential organizations, publication of articles on the benefits of accredited certification of conformity with IEC 61508 and maintenance of a help-site for members and others involved with safety related systems. Through discussions between members common problems can be identified and joint efforts applied to finding solutions. By representing all companies which are interested in accredited certification to IEC 61508 the Association can use its influence to enhance the value of safety-related systems.

How to benefit from The 61508 Association

If you are not yet a member, please contact us to find out how to gain access to the benefits of The 61508 Association.


Linking a machine to a process - 61508
What are the issues involved? The following Technical guide offers advice.

22.03.2016 Meeting Report

Members represent opinion leaders and significant business from within British industry


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